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An artistic impression of Autumn

Mother nature inspires us with her colours, patterns and landscapes throughout the year, and with each new season comes another piece of natural magic. These seasons inspire writers, painters and photographers the world over. My personal favourite season is Autumn, or as they call it in the USA, 'Fall'.

Presumably it's called Fall in the US because of the way the tress lose their leaves which fall tot he ground? Perhaps any American readers can clarify that? Autumn brings the colder weather before the onset of winter, which makes the trees go into their slower period of growth and drop their leaves. What I love about autumn is the colours these leaves change to. Golden browns, reds and oranges in a myriad of variations, scattering our paths and gardens. Artists love this time of year and use the beautiful scenes outside to produce works of wonder, reflecting the magic going on outside.

Autumn tree artwork

Whilst painters and poets can create their own improvisations of autumnal delights, photographers set about shooting the best scenes from behind their lenses. Understanding the best angles, the best light and the best locations is something the most knowledgable photographers will do, and this will produce some of the best autumnal photo art.

If you have a camera, or are a keen painter, don't miss this time of year. It doesn't last too long before the colours fade and winter takes over so make the most of it for your portfolio. I myself will be going out tonight to capture some stunning trees in our local park which will hopefully look incredible at sunset. I may even get up early and take a trip to the local lake to capture the colours at sunrise where I think they work best. Good luck folks!
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photos on canvas, canvas art, canvas prints

Buying Cheap Art Prints

cheap canvas prints

When you move house or are looking to re-design your home more than likely you will not have as much money to spend as you would like. This can lead to buying cheap art prints with the view to saving some money for other accessories. This is more often than not false economy! Before we go into exactly why buying cheap wall prints is not a good idea, we must clarify what exactly is meant by 'cheap art'.
Of course to a certain extent it is defined by your own personal budget. Some home owners have more to spend on interior design products than others, so what may be expensive for some may be cheap art for others. Many home owners looking to decorate their walls will go to somewhere like Argos, Ebay or the local market. Of course you can get large canvas prints and framed art for next to nothing. In the store it may look good but on closer examination you will see the print quality is not of the highest quality and the framing will be a bit rough around the edges. The wall print may be fine for some people but if you are looking for a wall hanging that will stand the test of time and closer inspection you will need to fork out a bit more of your hard earned cash on a print with a bit more quality.
Buying an art print from a local photographer or artist is a great idea. Those images are not mass-produced in somewhere like China, more like hand made by the artist themselves. They will have taken great care making the reproduction as it is their own work and reputation at stake. It will of course cost more but it will be a limited edition and worth more value in the long run - you may even buy an early work of somebody who will be famous in the future!
You can also buy many forms of wall art online these days. Everything from art on canvas to the new format of acrylic printing. Due to the materials you will find acrylics are a bit more costly than canvases or framed pictures but again it's all down to personal choice and the style of interior design you are looking to create. Most online print companies provide good quality prints that will last a long time, especially with the print technologies that are available today. Inks are long lasting which means buying a good quality art print won't fade after a few months of hanging on your wall. Cheap art usually has been made with inks that won't last very long.
So be wise when buying art prints - cheap is not always cheap in the long run. Good value is better, whether spending more or a lot more, if you can afford to buy higher quality prints on canvas you will be happier in the long run. Not to mention your friends won't be able to pick out fault in it when they take a look in detail!
photos on canvas, canvas art, canvas prints

Canvas Prints for Photographers

Photographers are always looking to market their artwork in new ways that will help increase sales and revenue. Canvas prints are an ideal way to sell photographic art as it is such a vibrant and eye catching printing method, not to mention ready to hang. Canvases are printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas material using sophisticated printers that help capture a large tonal range and fine-point detail in the picture. The canvas is then wrapped around a strong wooden frame, known as stretcher bars, and finished off with professional tape. A fixing bracket is attached and a UV varnish applied to the canvas to ensure it is protected for many years. The printing ink is light resistant for more than 75 years, ensuring the canvas art is going to last.

There are many canvas printing companies around the UK but Fotoviva Art Prints are used by many photographers because they know photographers demand the highest quality print and finish. Coming from a photography background, the owners appreciate that if you are going to sell your work as canvas prints or acrylic mounts, high quality materials, workmanship and attention to detail are a must. Sending a customer a below-par print will not bring repeat business or help reputation.

Sometimes customers require canvases printed in non-standard sizes and Fotoviva can cater for any specification to suit the client’s wall size. Custom frames can be made to ensure the photographic print will match the room. It can make a visual difference if the wall space is too large or small for the size of the canvas print. All the canvases are made here in the UK by a team of skilled craftsmen who understand that a strict quality control means that photographers will be confident in the finished article and, more importantly, their customers will spread the word about the photographers work, helping to generate more sales in the future.

Many photographers have galleries online and in small towns where they sell their work. Some galleries buy canvases in bulk to have on display in their shops. This is more cost effective as trade discounts can be offered for bulk orders, saving cost and reducing the price of the canvas art prints the photographer can sell. This can make all the difference to a potential sale as customers are used to seeing canvases in high street shops for very little cost. What they don't factor in is that photographer’s prints are usually limited editions and therefore you pay a slight premium for.

photos on canvas, canvas art, canvas prints

Wall Art for Interior Designers

Interior design can turn a bland room into something almost magical with a combination of colour scheme, furniture, accessories and wall art. Paying an interior designer to decorate your home will transform it into something your friends will talk about for some time. Interior designers use many types of wall art to help bring the walls to life, from paintings and posters to photos on canvas and acrylic styled artwork. It really depends on the type of house and its owners as to what canvas wall art works best for a particular property.

Some designers may use acrylic prints (also known as Perspex prints) that would compliment a contemporary interior design, thanks to the flame polished edges and high gloss finish they offer. Acrylic prints are almost 3D in nature thanks to the 5mm acrylic sheet which reflects the printed image around the edges. It's a very striking way to display a picture and interior designers are enjoying the brightness these prints bring to any room they hang in.

In another interior project a canvas print may be more suitable. Not as modern looking as the acrylics, canvases suit homes that are decorated in the normal sense. Thanks to the technology of today's high-end printers, the giclee printed image still looks stunning on the cotton canvas material and the inks used ensure a gallery quality 75 year light fastness. That means that the canvas art may well be around long after you have gone!

Finding suitable artwork for the walls of homes or businesses can be a struggle for interior designers but help is at hand with the many online gallery-type art stores available today at the click of a mouse. One such gallery is Fotoviva Art Prints that offers a collection of over 500 high-end photographic prints. These have all been professionally taken and hand-picked for their artistic and inspirational nature. Designers can choose to buy each picture as a canvas print, acrylic print or a straight poster, meaning the image can be printed in a way to suit the particular room design. Not only this, but bespoke sizes can be custom printed to suit.

One final feature interior designers have in their arsenal is the triptych canvas print. This is where the image is split between 3 canvas frames for added punch. Especially suitable for landscape or modern art images, these triptychs bring a wall to life like no other printing medium can. If you have seen a three panel canvas hanging on a wall you will know how eye-catching they can be.
photos on canvas, canvas art, canvas prints

Acrylic Art - Change the way you see your Pictures

  Fotoviva has one particularly cool way they display your photos. It's called acrylic art. This medium is very contemporary and is an alternative way to display your images. Canvas art and poster prints can be over-bearing some times and its time for a change. When you want to take your photos to the next level, consider using acrylic sheets to hang your photos. This concept is a fairly new idea and is creating a stir among restaurants across the globe. Interior designers use this method to create ambiance in a home or office. The acrylic art can be strung from the ceiling or placed on a wall. The acrylic sheets used to preserve the image has a glossy finish on the outside, making the image within stand out.

Perspex art is also known as acrylic art and is a more modern take on an old original framed method of art work. This interesting sleek and clean lined imagery offers fantastic hangers to create and awesome visual impression. The see-through quality you'll find from Fotoviva is simply fantastic. The acrylic wall art will interact with the light to create a movement that you will not find in a canvas or poster print. The acrylic surface is robust, making it easy to clean. Protect you’re your photos, create some atmosphere. These acrylic beauties are best suited for bars, restaurants and hotels. The best place for these images is also at home in your comfortable space.

The photos under the acrylic covers are printed on high quality crystal archive paper from FujiFilm. Fade resistance is guaranteed on this paper for up to one hundred and fifty years. Because your image is not being placed directly onto the acrylic, you will not have to replace the image when it cracks, chips or deteriorates. The crystal archive paper is mounted between two 5mm acrylic sheets, each edge is flame polished for an outstanding finish.

Fotoviva's prices include the aluminum hardware for hanging. Each photo comes completed and ready for hanging the minute it comes out of the box. There are four 25mm brushed aluminum hanging studs that are very deep and come attached to the acrylic. Not only does this finish the image, but it lends a very modern and contemporary feel to the image. Fotoviva, understands the need to have fine photography images, this is why all the modern gallery standards are applied to each piece. Fotoviva put your needs in mind, when they create beautiful works of art from your images. Give Fotoviva a chance to show you what they can do for you images.