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Acrylic Art - Change the way you see your Pictures

  Fotoviva has one particularly cool way they display your photos. It's called acrylic art. This medium is very contemporary and is an alternative way to display your images. Canvas art and poster prints can be over-bearing some times and its time for a change. When you want to take your photos to the next level, consider using acrylic sheets to hang your photos. This concept is a fairly new idea and is creating a stir among restaurants across the globe. Interior designers use this method to create ambiance in a home or office. The acrylic art can be strung from the ceiling or placed on a wall. The acrylic sheets used to preserve the image has a glossy finish on the outside, making the image within stand out.

Perspex art is also known as acrylic art and is a more modern take on an old original framed method of art work. This interesting sleek and clean lined imagery offers fantastic hangers to create and awesome visual impression. The see-through quality you'll find from Fotoviva is simply fantastic. The acrylic wall art will interact with the light to create a movement that you will not find in a canvas or poster print. The acrylic surface is robust, making it easy to clean. Protect you’re your photos, create some atmosphere. These acrylic beauties are best suited for bars, restaurants and hotels. The best place for these images is also at home in your comfortable space.

The photos under the acrylic covers are printed on high quality crystal archive paper from FujiFilm. Fade resistance is guaranteed on this paper for up to one hundred and fifty years. Because your image is not being placed directly onto the acrylic, you will not have to replace the image when it cracks, chips or deteriorates. The crystal archive paper is mounted between two 5mm acrylic sheets, each edge is flame polished for an outstanding finish.

Fotoviva's prices include the aluminum hardware for hanging. Each photo comes completed and ready for hanging the minute it comes out of the box. There are four 25mm brushed aluminum hanging studs that are very deep and come attached to the acrylic. Not only does this finish the image, but it lends a very modern and contemporary feel to the image. Fotoviva, understands the need to have fine photography images, this is why all the modern gallery standards are applied to each piece. Fotoviva put your needs in mind, when they create beautiful works of art from your images. Give Fotoviva a chance to show you what they can do for you images.
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